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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 20, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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until every one comes home. taking the stand? jerry sand us ski's wife is called as a witness in his child sex abuse trial and the former penn state football coach could testify in his own defense today. egypt in crisis. former president hosni mubarak clings to life amid a political power struggle that triggered mass demonstrations. and one win away. lebron james and the miami heat need one more victory to seal lebron james and the miami heat need one more victory to seal the nba championship. captioning funded by cbs and good morning, everybody. so good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. closing arguments are expected tomorrow in the jerry sand ski
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child sex abuse case. sand us ski's lawyers are expected to call their final witnesses today and cbs news has learned it's likely that the former penn state assistant football coach will testify in his own defense. yesterday sandusky's wife defended her husband. she told jurors she never saw him engage in any inappropriate contact with children. armen keteyian has our report. report speaking in a soft, sometimes nervous voice, dorothy "dottie" sandusky testified she never saw a single sign of sexual abuse of young boys by her husband of 45 years. time and time again defense attorney joe amendola repeated the same questions. did you ever see any inappropriate conduct? each and every time, dottie sandusky simply answered, no. at one point during her 45 minutes on the witness stand, dottie sand us ski said over about a 20-year period her husband would routinely go downstairs to tell young boys who had spent the night good night before bed. but nothing more. did you ever hear a young man yell for help, asked amendola,
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referring to one alleged victim's story of abuse? no, she answered. during cross-examination, lead prosecutor joseph mcget igen put up eight pictures of the alleged victims on the screen. just as he had done during his opening argument. he then asked what reason would any of those people lie about anything? taking a long pause, dottie sandusky said, i don't know what it would be. armen keteyian, cbs news, new york. overseas now this morning former egyptian president hosni mubarak is reportedly on life support, after his heart stopped and suffered a stroke. it was initially reported that mubarak was clinically dead. conflicting reports of mubarak health come amid growing political turmoil in egypt. both candidates in sunday's presidential election say they won. official results are expected tomorrow. susan mcginnis in washington with more this morning. good morning to you. >> terrell, good morning. very unstable situation in egypt right now, with mubarak near death. there are unclear results from this election.
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and now tens of thousands are protesting a move by the ruling military to grab more power. initial reports of the death of hosni mubarak sparked celebrations in cairo's tahrir square, but they were later confirmed to be wrong. the 84-year-old is not dead, but is on life support, and in critical condition. mubarak was rushed to this military hospital after suffering a stroke in prison. a small group of supporters gathered outside. mubarak was sentenced in june to life in prison for failing to stop the killing of hundreds of protesters during an uprising last year. mubarak's decline comes with egypt in a precarious transition of power. sunday's election has yet to yield a winner and the military is still running the country. mohamed mursi, the muslim brotherhood candidate and the former prime minister are both claiming victory in sunday's election. as polls were closing sunday,
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mlitary leaders issued a constitutional addendum that would keep the new president from having authority over the military. >> the concern is that the situation is extremely murky now, even many egyptians don't understand it. >> reporter: that ruling, along with the uncertainty of the election results, led to massive protests. >> the prospect for democracy in egypt are undeniable. the people of egypt have embraced this democratic spirit, and that's not -- there's no turning back. >> reporter: the military has vowed to allow the new president to take office by the end of the month, but how much power he will have remains to be seen. so while the official winner of that election will be announced tomorrow, it is unclear how much power he will have, and certainly the loser is going to reject those results so the uncertainty, the instability, terrell, is certain to continue. >> susan mcginnis in washington this morning. susan, thank you so much. greece may have a new government by the end of the day today. the leaders of three parties hoping to form a coalition government met late into the
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night and will resume negotiations this morning. the new democracy party which won sunday's vote supports the european bailout plan and is committed to keeping greece in the eurozone. president obama is back in washington this morning following the g-20 summit in mexico. but the european crisis consumed much of the meeting, the violence in syria was also a critical topic. the president discussed the issue in private meetings with chinese president hu jintao and russian president vladimir putin. both countries have close ties with syria and mr. obama said they are resisting taking firmer action against the assad regime. >> i wouldn't suggest that at this point the united states and the rest of the international community are aligned with russia and china in their positions. but i do think they recognize the grave dangers of all-out civil war. >> a russian operated ship that was aapparently carrying attack helicopters to syria turned
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around after its concern was lifted. mitt romney says florida senator marco rubio is being considered as a possible running mate. romney denied reports that rubio was not on the short list of vp candidates. romney said only he and a senior campaign adviser know who is being considered. >> there are only two people in this country who know who are being vetted, and who are not. and that's beth myers and myself. and i know beth well. she doesn't talk to anybody. the story was entirely false. marco rubio is being thoroughly vetted as part of our process. >> rubio, a hispanic leader from a swing state, is a rising star in republican politics. rubio refuses to comment, on the vice presidential process. attorney general eric holder may be held in contempt of congress today in a dispute over the failed gun smuggling probe known as fast and furious. agents running fast and furious lost track of hundreds of weapons that ended up in mexico. many at crime scenes, including
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the murder of a u.s. border agent. last night holder and committee chairman david isa were unable to agree on handing over justice department documents to congress. holgder wants assurances that the documents will satisfy a subpoena from issa's committee. >> i think we are actually involved more in political gamesmanship as opposed to trying to get the information they say they want. >> our position is give us the documents. their position is they'd like to give us a briefing, and then documents supporting their assertion that essentially there was no wrongdoing. and then bring it to a close. >> and issa says he is not optimistic, and if the documents are not turned over, he will move forward with the vote. firefighters say they are making progress against the 93 square mile wildfire in northern colorado. the fire now 55% contained, but more residents have been put on standby for evacuation. at least 189 homes have been destroyed. the most by any fire in the state's history. we will take a quick break
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till we all get k9 advantix ii. join us at [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii. julian assange is making a last-ditch effort to stop his extradition to sweden. he faces sexual assault charges there. the wikileaks founder is putting all his hopes on ecuador. monica has the latest developments from london. >> reporter: julian assange is holed up inside ecuador's london embassy. the wikileaks founder is seeking political asylum in the south american country, a move he hopes will save him from being deported from sweden for alleged sex crimes. ecuador's foreign minister said the government is considering the request. he says, assange believes his home country of australia is not protecting him from political persecution. the ecuadoran embassy is the
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latest twist in the 18-month fight against extradition to sweden. less than a week ago britain's supreme court rejected the last of his appeals. assange is accused of sexually assaulting two female wikileaks volunteers on a trip to sweden in 2010. he says the sex was consensual and claims the allegations are political payback for leaking thousands of secret u.s. documents on his wikileaks website. assange claims the u.s. has secretly indicted him and wants sweden to get him in custody, then hand him over to america. ecuador's leftist government, which is often at odds with washington, has shown assange some signs of support. ecuador's president recently appeared on assange's talk show that runs on russian state tv. assange has been under house arrest in britain, after supporters put up his $300,000 bail. officials in ecuador say he will remain at the embassy under the protection of the ecuadoran government as they consider his request.
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and the british foreign minister -- foreign ministry has said that as long as assange is inside the embassy the british police cannot trust him. but it was not clear yet how he will get out of that door and in to ecuador, provided the country does grant him asylum. >> the story continues. monica, thank you so much. cbs money watch time on a wednesday. all eyes on the federal reserve. investors around the world are hoping to bolster the u.s. economy. erica is in new york with that and more. >> good morning, terrell. the fed wraps up two days of meetings today and investors were anxious to see if chairman ben bernanke announces any new initiatives that would give the economy a boost. one option would be to extend the program that lowers long-term interest, long-term rates on treasury securities. any concrete steps and instead signal its willingness to take action if the economy gets worse. overseas markets rose on the anticipation that the fed and other central banks could launch new stimulus plans.
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hong kong's hang seng as well. it was a advantage day for wall street. the dow added 95 points on its way to its best finish in a month. the nasdaq was also up 34. jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon was back in the hot seat on capitol hill tuesday. dimon was called before the house financial services committee to answer questions about his bank's recent $2 billion trading loss. dimon apologized for the loss, but also downplayed its significance. >> we feel terrible but no client, customer, or taxpayer money was affected by the incident. >> reporter: jpmorgan has lost about $23 billion in value since the trading losses were made public. and for the first time there are more millionaires in asia than in north america. a new report shows that asia pacific region has about 3.37 million high net worth
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individuals. that's about 20,000 more than north perk. however, north americans still hold the biggest share of the world's wealth at $11.4 trillion. >> way to keep it all in perspective. erica ferrari in new york. thank you so much. coming up we'll have your wednesday morning weather. and in sports the thunder on the brink of elimination even though lebron james goes down hard, and has to leave the game. [ female announcer ] i found the best cafe in the world.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. hot and humid in new york. heavy thunderstorms in miami. partly sunny skies, 95 in chicago. mostly cloudy, 92 in dallas. clouds and sun in los angeles. 77 degrees. let's check your national forecast on this first day of summer. record high temperatures are possible from virginia to new england. temperatures could hit the upper 90s in some areas, and excessive heat warnings in place in central new jersey and eastern pennsylvania. it will be even hotter in the desert southwest, with the mercury soaring as high as 120 degrees. heavy thunderstorms in south florida could dump up to four inches of rain. the miami heat, one game away from winning the nba championship. it was another bruising bottle against the thunder, in the fourth quarter lebron james takes a hard ball, looks like he's injured. he leaves the game. not before hitting from downtown. heat go up by three. jump ball with 13 on the clock. the thunder within striking distance.
4:17 am
russell westbrook commits the costly foul. miami taking game four for a commanding 3-1 lead in the series. to baseball now the dodgers against the a's. oakland takes the early lead after the ball jumps over tony wynn's glove in center field. on the mound, mccarthy striking out five. he was back for the first time since june 7th. he set up the dodgers 3-0. this is why albert pujols makes the big bucks. gets the giants, he blasts a & three-run homer in the first and in the sixth he makes a great diving grab at first base. angels outslug san francisco 12-5. in cleveland, agadon throws a wild pitch. check out the slide under the tag. bottom of the frame, cabrera launches a walk-off two-run game-winning blast to right. indians over cincinnati 3-2.
4:18 am
tough day for the yankees and mark teixeira against the braves. he gets tagged at the plate in the fifth. then in the seventh, he gets hit in the foot on a blast to first. one run scores. braves shoot down new york 4-3. the yankees ten-game winning streak is over. texas rangers announcer dave barnett was on the sidelines for last night's game after delivering an incoherent description of a play during monday's rangers/padres game. >> go-ahead run is at fifth on what adams is insisting on calling it a botched robbery. actually happened was the hinchman -- >> barnett will miss at least one more game as he undergoes a medical evaluation. the rangers say barnett's behavior is the result of migraine headaches. as you know, migraines can cause that kind of behavior. when we come back, he skips the cash and goes for the sweep. we'll show you the ohio bandit
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. hot and humid, 94 in new york. heavy thunderstorms, 85 in miami. partly sunny, 95 in chicago. mostly cloudy, 92 in dallas. clouds and sun, 77 in los angeles. the u.s. troops have burned copies of the koran in afghanistan causing deadly riots in february could face administrative punishment. the associated press say military investigators recommended soldiers have their pay docked or reassigned. the riots killed more than 30 people, including two u.s. troops, and two military. authorities recovered a huge haul of drugs on height seas. u.s. military and mexican navy
4:22 am
scooped up over 180 plastic bags filled with marijuana saturday. that's 19 tons of pot. the smugglers dumped the bags off the coast of california after being spotted by lookouts on the aircraft carrier "nimitz". the small boat sped off and no one was captured. a spoonful of sugar may make the medicine go down but one farmer in the philippines says forget that. he swears by bee stings saying getting stung may hurt but the results are sweeter than honey. the bee venom nearly killed him 12 years ago. one client called it a good pain. critics caution it's not for everybody because bee stings could have life threatening side effects, like could kill you. police in ohio are hunting for a bandit with a serious sweet tooth. he's caught on tape stealing reese's peanut butter cups from this gas station, not snicker's or milky way. straight-up reese's. monday workers almost caught him but he got away. cops say he made off with more
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. good morning. welcome to 9news now. today is wednesday, june 20. i'm andrea roane. you're halfway there. not bad. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. monika samtani, thanks for joining us. >> what's your name again? >> mike hydeck. that's what they tell me.
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>> good morning, mike. welcome back. good to have you back, for a few days anyway until you go back to the other shift for the golf tournament. we're excited about that probably not too excited about the heat. some folks like it witnesses' really hot -- like it when it's really hot so you're in the minority but you'll like it the next few days. temperatures in the mid-70s. it's muggy. low 90s by 9:00. low 90s by noon and mid-90s by 5:00. highs will be mid- to upper 90s with the heat advisory going into effect at noon till 10:00 for just about everybody. you've got to be way out in the mountains not to be in the heat advisory or well south of fredricksburg. but this is the area. if you're going up toward philly, they have an excessive heat warning till friday morning. right now it's sticky, a few
4:27 am
spots like martinsburg and cumberland have dipped into the 60s. we're running about 70 to 75. culpeper 66 with 70 in easton. these are the forecast highs for this afternoon. perhaps just a little bit cooler right on the bay but still a toasty 94 for annapolis. 98 up in baltimore. 98 manassas and 97 for washington. locally near 100. the heat already making some make adjust adjustments. crews will start collecting trash at 6:00 a.m. they want to keep their workers safe and healthy. and marc rail, passengers on the camden and brunswick lines can expect trains to travel slower than normal. sometimes when it gets hot, some of 9 tracks -- of the tracks do buckle and going slow is safer. monika samtani has the rest of your time saver traffic. if you're one of those deciding to head out early because of the heat so you can
4:28 am
get back early, it might be a good idea. the only thing is you might hit construction, especially on the west side of town. on the northbound side of i- 495, the inner loop between 66 and route 7, at times they were shutting down the beltway for half an hour at a time. i think that part of it is over and you should be okay. just a bit of construction left. see the red there. there's also construction on the inbound side of i-66 between nutley street and the beltway. let's go to 95 northbound here in springfield. no issues to report. we're looking fine. it's really light actually. main and hov lanes look great as you head for 395 or the beltway. back over to the maps, this time to the inside of the beltway. no problems to report on 395. all of the anacostia and river crossings are fine. in my next report, we'll take a look at the bw parkway at 4:39. egypt's former president hosni mubarak is being kempt alive by life support, this after the 84-year-old suffered
4:29 am
a stroke in prison. a military official described his condition as very critical. >> this news comes after at least 50,000 protesters suffered into cairo's square chanted slogans. susan mcginnis has more on the whole thing. >> reporter: initial reports of the death of hosni mubarak sparked celebrations in cairo's square but they were later confirmed to be wrong. the 84-year-old is not dead but is on life support and in critical condition. mubarak was rushed to this military hospital after suffering a stroke in prison. a small group of supporters gathered outside. mubarak was sentenced in june to life in prison for failing to stop the killing of hundreds of protesters during an uprising last year. mubarak's decline comes with egypt in a precarious transition of power. sunday's election